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Gas Turbine Exhaust Diffuser Systems for Frame 5 or Frame 7

FS-5 exhaust diffuser
FS-7 exhaust diffuser

With over 25 years of manufacturing experience, ConFab provides proven design and manufacturing processes and fixtures for new exhaust diffusers.

With ConFab, you do not need to settle for “as good as the OEM.” We regularly apply our accumulated knowledge, experience and the latest design tools to design longer life, more reliable diffusers.

Integrated Exhaust Systems…
Guaranteed to Deliver Optimal Performance

ConFab can provide a complete integrated system for gas turbine exhaust, designed and guaranteed to operate efficiently together. By combining a Braden® plenum with ConFab hardware and diffuser, we can assure a safer, more efficient and easier-to-operate system.

We offer the manpower, equipment, and experience to install on your site…or we can provide detailed erection drawings and procedures for your own crew.

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