Problems with OEM Doors and Panels

  • 100% shop-fabricated, (no way to modify on-site or to re-insulate)
  • Welded design creates unprotected steel surfaces along perimeters — the surfaces most exposed to the climate and corrosion
  • Welded design limits drainage
  • Flat gaskets have inferior sealing capability over time
  • Welded design allow greater thermal throughput, leading to higher surface temperatures
  • Lots of parts
  • Replacement requires original equipment drawings, with dimensions and penetration detail (often these can’t be found)


Benefits of the SMARTDOOR™ (Patent Pending) Design

  • Formed plate door exterior (eliminates welded construction — the only welding is for stud-welded attachments)
  • Standardized insulation tubes
  • Bolted design allows easy re-insulation or repair on site
  • Tadpole gasket is firmly secured by clamping bar (not glued), allowing precise control of pressure on seal to make a seamless door seal
  • Improved hardware, including an exclusive latch for doors that open handles on same post for suicide doors
  • Multiple construction material options available, including stainless steel
OEM Door Design
Typical OEM Design SmartDoor Design
OEM Doors
Exclusive latch design
Exclusive latch design.